What we teach

AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE adheres to and is committed to deliver instruction in the beliefs and doctrine of the Islamic faith. AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE ’s beliefs align to those of traditional Islamic orthodoxy, namely a doctrine and worldview based on:

The Pillars of Islam:

The Profession of Faith — The Shahada
Performance of Five Daily Prayers — Salat
Alms Giving — Zakat
Fasting during Ramadan — Saum
Pilgrimage to Mecca — Hajj
The Pillars of Iman (belief):
The belief in Allah the almighty;
The belief in angels;
The belief in the holy books revealed by Allah (God) to the various Prophets;
The belief in the Messengers and Prophets sent by Allah (God);
The belief in the resurrection and the events of Judgement Day;
The belief in the predestination of Allah (God) of all things, both the (seemingly) good and the (seemingly) bad.


Our curriculum will be delivered according to the following scope and sequence:
Scope & Sequence – Stage 4
Scope & Sequence – Stage 5

To ensure a high quality of learning and keeping in touch with the needs of today’s youth, AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE will review the curriculum every three years and update or amend accordingly.