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The Prophet (saw) said: The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.”  [Bukhari]

258 million children around the world are currently missing out on an education, which could truly change their lives. Countless children also lack access to the holy Qur’an and are not benefiting from a spiritual, Islamic education. Without an education, many children who are already struggling to survive will continue to live a life of poverty and hardship. Without a quality Islamic education and the space to study the holy Qur’an, many vulnerable children are missing out on developing a deep and meaningful connection to their faith, and for Islam to contribute to their development. 
Kindly Sponsor a hifiz student today and give a vulnerable child, the opportunity to thrive and grow into guardians of the Qur’an, and future leaders of their community. You’re helping to uplift a child, their family and an entire community. A quality Qur’an and other Islamic education helps develop a close connection to the Qur’an, and our programme also ensures children receive a fundamental, mainstream education alongside, helping children to thrive in both deen and dunya. Allah (swt) tells us that with every letter that is uttered, you will receive reward upon reward. Sponsoring a vulnerable hifz child is a beautiful act of Sadaqah Jariyah, bringing long-lasting change to the child, while bringing you rewards for years to come.

Sponsor AN-NURUL HUDA ONLINE QUR’AN and AN-NUR INTEGRATED ISLAMIC SCHOOL’S Student Education is the basic need of any society but with good moral training as the education devoid of moral and human values is meaningless.

AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE aims at to form a righteous and pious society and its basic need is Education where we’re working into two different ways:

  • QUR’AN recitation and other Religious education as main subject as well as modern education with it.
  • Modern education as main subject and religious education with it.

Religious & Spiritual education is essential with the spirit of moral training and sincere social service along with regular modern education; therefore, a good number of students are affiliated with the AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE ’s education program. AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE offering education opportunity those in need to learn basic Deen, memorize Quran and get advance Islamic education.

There are three departments of religious education: HIFZHUL Quran, Islamic Education, Arabic Adab and Da’wah
We are seeking sponsorship for 100 poor students whose families cannot afford expenses of foods, teachers, dressing, health care & shelter etc. Sponsoring Student is one of the best forms of Sadaqah Jariah (Perpetual charity) and it will also help them realize their ambition in nation building & community development.

We will provide progress report of sponsored child to the generous donors annually.
You can choose a sponsorship offered below as per your convenience i.e. Monthly, yearly, full course. This program is eligible for Zakat, lillah, Sadaqah etc.

HIFZHUL QUR’AN, (Qur’an memorization)

Course Duration: 3 Year
Sponsor Monthly Expense of 1 student: $30 USD
Sponsor Yearly Expense of 1 student: $360 USD
Full course Expense of 1 student: $1080 USD

Valuable Donors:
1, Al Mansour Muhammad, Nigeria
2,Abdulkareem Tahir, Saudi Arabia
3,Istijabah Arowolo, United Arab Emirates

Jazakumullah khair for your donation.