Parents and students life

our parents and students life AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE is a strong community school represented by parents with diverse backgrounds. Our parents come from all walk of life and contribute to the success of this Islamic Education center both through volunteering and giving. We are proud of our parent body. On this page we will try to periodically highlight some of our parents who of have made a difference to AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE in different ways.

1.Ali mai kara
2, Hon.Usman Birchi
3, Muhammad Suraj daga
And many more..

Student Life Curriculum:

All the Islamic subjects as well as many electives including – Physical Education, Health, & Computer Literacy are offered in Hausa and Arabic. Curriculum objectives are based on National standards as set by the Council of Teachers of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Science instruction includes lectures as well as lab classes. The program offers instruction in English (as a third language), and Islamic and Quranic Studies at multiple levels, based on student placement. The Islamic Studies curriculum is based exclusively on the Malikiyya school of thought, although other schools of thought are respected and recognized. Daily congregational prayer is offered at mid-day. Students are encouraged to practice their daily prayers based on the jurisprudence that is practiced within their homes.