Our mission

for Orphans, widows and unprivileged children.
We Muslims understand the importance of Islam, the Qur’an and the
essence of Islamic and western education.

As we have some unprivileged children, orphans and widows are on the
street aimlessly for no reason. This is an opportunity we have set up the
Islamic Center to bring those children, Orphans, and widows together to
teach them Islamic knowledge, morals and guiding them to fear Allah and
practice the true teachings of the Qur’an and the teachings of the
Messenger of Allah {prophet Muhammad s. a .w} based on the correct
understanding of the sahabah {Assalafussaalih}.

We believe that those who know who Allah is and who follow the precepts
of his religion and who fear Allah will never engage in any form of crime, let
alone join terrorist groups, especially in the context of our country Nigeria.
This is a great movement that we will welcome and we need people’s full
support and inervention. We need to be proactive in bringing about the
development of Islam to our nation and the world at large instead of
participating in the conference to complain about what is happening in our
Generations. There is allot to be done to address the lack of Islamic
knowledge, lack of morals, lack of civilization and lack of indiscipline in the
society, and it should not be left to the teachers, imams and preachers alone.
Teachers, imams preaching in the mosques can’t do it alone until the rich,
and leaders among us support us with what Allah has blessed them with,
and we are confident that you will assist the course of Allah and that is why
we want to communicate our thoughts and needs to you.

With your help we can take care of underprivileged children, orphans,
widows and take some of these children out of the streets and send them
back to school to learn the Quran, Islamic and western sciences so that
they can worship Allah who created them According to the teachings of
Islam and also be useful to themselves, the society and the country at large.
Some of Our Aims are as follow;

1- establishing a modern centre for teaching the students
Islamic, western education and vocational skills at the same time.
The students will include:

● Children of all school age
● Adults, men and women
● Married women
● Widows
● Orphans
● New converts to Islam.

2- to create moral and virtuous children in the society for
tomorrow, and in accordance with Islamic principles.

3- to promote the recitation of the Holy Qur’an and other Islamic
Education among the Muslims Ummah in the globe 🌐

4- to provide free Tahfizhul Qur’an classes and other Islamic
studies to the unprivileged children, Adults Men and women, new
converts to Islam, widows and orphans in the world.

5- to award free scholarships for the best academic students.

6- to establish an Islamic oriented and profitable business among
our trainees and others.

7- We also want to use this opportunity to bring in teachers, scholars from
various country of the world who are

religiously and educated but unemployed to employ them to be self-reliant.

Our mission and Objectives