As salaamu alaykum Dear brothers and sisters

Firstly, we wish to thank you for your continued support and duas for the AN-NURUL HUDA ONLINE QUR’AN. After Allah it has been your support and duas which has enabled us to start with Tahfizhul Qur’an online classes,

This online Qur’an classes was established in 2018, and started teaching the students online on 24/1/1442AH equivalent to 12/09/2020.

Many Students has join this our online Qur’an classes around the world, those who we know and those we don’t even know, Because of the way we always advertised the online classes on social media such as: Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp etc.

Among our online  students  some have memorized, Surat Al-Baqarah, Ali-Imran and Nisa’I, Which this online Qur’an classes is still in existence.

But later we noticed that there are many students who are trying in learning and want to learn but they cannot,  because of lack of equipment, such as;  devices, computers and Internet connection,  And also a lot of positive feedback and encouragement we have received from many Muslims around the world to continue further.

after that over the past years in the service of Islam, teaching Muslim Ummah  the glorious Qur’an on a global scale. We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and let you know that your support means a lot and pray to Allah that He grant you many more folds in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

Based on that feedback we embark on a project for establishing  physical Tahfizhul Qur’an classes for children, adults, men and women to continue teaching, spreading Islamic Education and fluent Qur’an recitation to the Muslim masses on various forgotten and unknown aspects of the Islamic  religion in the world.

By the grace of Allah, we started gathering the students  who are nearby, the students started coming and the students continued to read the Quran and other Islamic studies for a while.

As the number of the students increased so much that anyone who heard that an Islamic center were Established,  teaching the children recitation of the Qur’an and other Islamic studies, will rush to brought his KIDS, and also  the way people hear about children reading the Qur’an fluently makes them happy.

But unfortunately the owner of the place we are using to teach the students send us away (asked us to leave the place)In fact, we are not happy with the decision taken by the owner, because we wish good future for  those  children, we believe that whoever gives Islamic education to children indeed has help the entire Ummah, not just the children.

we went to meet the owner of that place we were teaching the students, to ask Him if we have done something wrong he should please forgive us and let us continue teaching our children   Qur’an recitation and Islamic studies, But unfortunately the owner said that we did not commit any offence, he just did not want, he will not allow us to continue teaching the children there.

We also persevere in teaching the students since the place is not ours, since then we were ashamed of what we are going to tell  the children and their parents, we later closed our eyes and told the parents what was going on and Since then, we asked the students to stay at home.

The students stayed at home for more than1 and half year, they did not go to anywhere to learn and did not add anything to what they have learned from us.

Since Then we started thinking about renting a place where students could continue their Qur’an Islamic studies.

There is a Jumu’ah mosque of the Jama’atulizalatul Bid’ah Waiqamatissunnah, which is owned by Hausas in our vicinity, Led by a brother Sheikh Al-Mansur Muhammad.

we went to meet the chief Imam of the mosque with some of the parents of the students and told him what was going on, in fact he expressed his gratitude to Allah [s.w.a] for this great ambition and development as well, also for our early efforts and achievements, And promised us  full support on our aims and objectives in this children, He also advised us that since the owner of that place chase us away from there, We should be using the mosque so that the children will continue learning the qur’an and other Islamic studies.

And we also met with the committee of that mosque and they were very happy with this great development that has come to them, because in the history of the Hausa community  people have been living more than 100 years ago but unfortunately  there was never been an Islamic school where their children will  go and learn Islamic Education until Allah brought  us to establish an Islamic school in their community, because the only thing people value in the area was their business to earn money and take their children to western Education.

After some weeks the mosque’s committee agreed and allowed us to continue our Islamic Education on 6/11/2021 equivalent to 1/4 / 1443AH. After approving the mosque, we decided that inshaAllah   we would return this place to be a permanent Islamiyya school [Islamic Education center].

When we first started giving the form to the people who are interested in bring their children, we enrolled more than 70 students in a day, and since then we register students on a daily basis, now we have so many students.

Because of the population of the students, we had to employ many staffs brothers and to assist in taking care of the students and pay them monthly salary, because teachers can’t do it alone.

The main subjects we are teaching includes:  AL- QUR’AN, TAUHEED, HADITH, FIQH and ARABIC LANGUAGE.

But the challenges we are facing in the mosque we are using;

It is a mosque that is in the middle of the market, and the place is very small and tidy for the children, because the population of the students is increasing day by day, as you can see in the pictures



the number of the students have been increasing.

And more students are expected


The Prophet (saw) said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.”


258 million children around the world are currently missing out on an education, which could truly change their lives. Countless children also lack access to the holy Qur’an and are not benefiting from a spiritual, Islamic education. Without an education, many children who are already struggling to survive will continue to live a life of poverty and hardship. Without a quality Islamic education and the space to study the holy Qur’an, many vulnerable children are missing out on developing a deep and meaningful connection to their faith, and for Islam to contribute to their development. 

Sponsor a hifiz student today and give a vulnerable child, the opportunity to thrive and grow into guardians of the Qur’an, and future leaders of their community. You’re helping to uplift a child, their family and an entire community. A quality hifz education helps develop a close connection to the Qur’an, and our programme also ensures children receive a fundamental, mainstream education alongside, helping children to thrive in both deen and dunya. Allah (swt) tells us that with every letter that is uttered, you will receive reward upon reward. Sponsoring a vulnerable hifz child is a beautiful act of Sadaqah Jariyah, bringing long-lasting change to the child, while bringing you rewards for years to come.

$50 USD to sponsor a  students for ONE MONTH

$150 USD to sponsor a student for THREE MONTHS

$300 USD to sponsor a student for SIX MONTHS

$900 USD to sponsor a student for ONE YEAR


AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE is an after school and weekend Islamic tuition centre (Madrasa). With your help more than 150 children could be learning the Quran with Tajweed and Islamic studies.

Ten Rewards for each letter recitation from Quran: Hadith related to this is stated in a way that:

“Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that “Alif, Laam, Meem” is a letter, rather I am saying that “Alif” is a letter, “laam” is a letter and “meem” is a letter.”


Share the reward by supporting us. Your donation supports the overall operation of the organization, including maintenance of the centre and building it.

Your Supports will sustain and maintain the following Activities

1. AN-NURUL HUDA Qur’an Programs Fund

Your donation supports the teaching, memorization, and recitation of the Holy Qur’an through AN-NURUL HUDA  both online and physical Tahfizhul Qur’an classes  and related programs, Share the barakah of teaching Qur’an today!

“The best among you are those who learn Qur’an and teach it” – Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him.

By supporting the Qur’an programs at AN-NURUL HUDA QUR’AN LEARNING CENTRE, you are directly supporting the study, memorization, and implementation of the Qur’an through all of our educational programs including the full-time Hifz, Qur’an Classes, and AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE. Share in the barakah of teaching the Qur’an today!

2.  Our Orphans and widows fund

Orphaned children have a right to be raised by all of us! AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE offers free or greatly reduced tuition for Orphan children. Your donation helps an orphan child get the opportunities they need to excel in this life and the next, and can put you in the company of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu’alyhi wa sallam in Jannah: “Myself and the caretaker of an orphan will be in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together. (sahih hadith)

3. Muhajir Family Fund & New converts to Islam.

With the arrival of thousands of Muslim families into the region seeking refuge and safety in oursociety, your donation provides our new families with housing, medical, education, and other support to help them start their lives like any other Muslim.

4. AN-NURUL HUDA  community Services

AN-NURUL HUDA Community Services is the name of our Social Services Department – the outstretched hand of our community helping anyone in need. 

5. AN-NURUL HUDA Accepting Car Donations

Park your old ride in Paradise. Donate your car today.


Your donation helps needy families provide an Islamic education for their children. Funds are paid directly to the student accounts at AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE.

7.  AN-NURUL HUDA Zakat Foundation

Your donation will help local Muslim families in need. Our office verifies zakat applications and disburses assistance while ensuring both the dignity of the applicant and the integrity of the process.

8.  AN-NURUL HUDA Daw’a Fund

Your donation helps us share the beautiful message of Islam to our neighbors through the Islamic Information Center and through outreach events, speaking invitations, and other opportunities.

9.  AN-NURUL HUDA Financial Aid Fund for Orphans

AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE Student Financial Aid Fund for Orphans helps fund orphans that need assistance to cover the tuition fees for their education.

AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE target, is to allocates about $30,000 per year towards tuition assistance for needy children, widows, low income people and orphans. AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE is a life-changing opportunity for needy students, Orphans,and widows providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this life and the next, and surrounding them with a nurturing environment focused on their well-being. Your donation absolutely makes a difference for these program.


Our Youth, we take the trust of nurturing our young hearts very seriously. With your continuous support we are able to offer services and opportunities for growth to our young brothers and sisters. Our main goals are to bring up a young generation in the light of Islamic teachings, prepared for leadership and responsibility, and provide them with the best possible education, inspiring them to excel and to contribute to the well-being of them  self, their society in particular and Ummah in general.


  • $100 USD to sponsor a  students for ONE MONTH
  • $300 USD to sponsor a student for THREE MONTHS
  • $600 USD to sponsor a student for SIX MONTHS
  • $1,200 USD to sponsor a student for ONE YEAR

There are three main elements may contribute to the achievement of the goals:

1- Sincere and committed teachers with a strong Islamic background, well qualified and practicing Muslims.

2- Willing parents to help, educate their children and support the madrasa in all possible aspects.

3- Students enthusiastically involved and encouraged to be independent, with developed self-awareness and skills for this life and the hereafter.

We aim to earn an excellent reputation in education and Tarbyyah (training) alike, by raising the standard and the achievements of our students.

We are building firm foundations for improvement and steady progress.

We are currently asking for sponsorships for our Harrow AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE building prossessing:

As a madrasa, we have established a secure framework. However, we need to continue to build a solid dwelling for an excellent standard of education and Tarbyyah (training).

Below are the near future developments and targets for the improvement of the AN-NURULHUDAISLAMICEDUCATIONCENTRE:

– Reducing the attainment gaps in Islamic studies

– Effective monitoring and fair evaluation

– Effective mutual community links

– Wider involvement in Islamic activities and practice

– Encouragement of student responsibility and independent learning

– Encourage any productive initiative to develop madrasa

– Invite scholars and knowledgeable friends to the AN-NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC EDUCATION CENTRE.

Our needs for the sustainability of this Islamic Centre are as follows

  1. We need a definite place/plot of land to build the Islamic Educational center that will contain the followings:
  2. A Mosque
  3. Classrooms
  4. Offices
  5. Staff rooms
  6. Health Bay
  7. Mini Clinic/ Pharmacy for First Aid.
  8. Teachers quarters to accommodate teachers that will be coming from different City /country of world, Insha’Allah

(VIII) Dormitories for students male and female, who will be coming from different location Insha’Allah.

And dormitories to accommodate Orphans and widows

                 (IX) A Borehole to get enough and clean water in the center.

  • Solar, power supply / standby Generator.
  • A Library in the center.
  • A Business enterprise to generate funds for maintenance of the centre.
  • Chairs and desk for the student’s classes and teachers offices.
  • Beds to put in the students dormitory
  • Computer center.

All this will also help to run the center in an orderly and efficient manner.

Successful completion of this project based on our estimate, will cost us;

$400,000 USD

All Payments should be made in to the bank account bellow    

Dollar Account Number: 5074251554
Bank Name: Zenith Bank Nigeria pls

Starling poud Account Number: 0854441036


EURO Account number: 0854612069

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Naira Account Number: 1225404587


For contact, enquiries, and more information, you can visit the school at

Masjid sunnah Besides imowo cattle market, ijebu ode, Ijebu-ode, Ogun State.

or call the following numbers:

Hafizh: Nuruddeen Usman

Proprietor of AN-NUR INTEGRATED ISLAMIC SCHOOL, Igo oya  imowo, ijebu – ode, ogun state, Nigeria.

TEL:   +2348116406059, +2348023276855

Imam: Al-Mansur Muhammad

Chief  Imam of the Central Mosque Jama’atu izalatil bid’ah wa’iqamatissunah Imowo, kara, ijebu-ode, ogun state, Nigeria.

TEL: +2348071780740, +2348039691935

Please kindly consider donating to support us no matter how small the amount is, 
Jazakumullahkhairan, may Allah give you the power to support