Our teachers is the student’s mirror, cheer leader, builder and role model, hence he needs to be extra conscious of his attitude and guides against his conduct.

He is expected to be obedient, diligent and dedicated to work. He is expected to uphold humble

character, good habits and sterling qualities for the students emulate.

It is therefore our code to speak positively and avoid abusive and vulgar languages.

>It is expected of the male teacher to be watchful of his dealings with the female students.

> It is in the best interest and the best interest of the school that he avoid relationship beyond

“students – teacher relationship”, where a teacher is found to hold a relationship beyond

“Student – teacher relationship”, such teacher will be made to face the wrath.

> Teacher must command respect and stay on top of his duty,

>No extended relationship must be exists between a male teacher and female students or vice versa.

>School father, school mother, school daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend are completely forbidden

in this school for they are fornication and adultery in disguise.

Where an illicit relationship is found to exist between teachers or students, strict but quick

measures will be taken against all parties involved.

>The use of cane must be avoided as much as possible. Counseling and admonition should

rather be employed the more.

>Where caning may be necessary, it must be administered very lightly and it must be on the

student’s palm. Where caning goes severe or wrong leading to wound, the teacher will be held

responsible psychologically and financially.